About Me

About Me

I am statistician turned data scientist, currently working at funda. I am a true data junkie, I just love to play around with data. After doing bachelor programs in psychology and history I did the Statistical Science program at Leiden University, at which I completed my MSc with professor Hein Putter. From the moment I started R programming I was hooked, and it always remained my weapon of choice. However, I try to keep an open mind by exploring other tools as well.

My current interests are building Bayesian statistical models, building beautiful and functional Shiny apps, understanding and applying Deep Learning and the prediction of (very) rare events. Furthermore I try to develop as programmer. If you like to correspond about any of these topics or other things mentioned in one of the blogs I would love to hear from you.

I am the author and maintainer of the padr R package. A fair share of my blogs will be about this package.

Besides a data junkie and R programmer I am a bit of a foodie, an enthusiastic (albeit not overly talented) tennis player, a coffee and wine lover, a sports buff and an avid traveler.

Here you can see my CV, if you like to.